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NEW DVD - Boxcar Willie, His Story

NEW DVD - Boxcar Willie, His Story
Each $ 20.00   
New in 2016 an 82 minute documentary that covers the life of Lecil Travis Martin, known to most as Boxcar Willie. Boxcar, known as "The World's Favorite Hobo", was born in Sterrett, Texas in 1931 and passed at the age of 67 in 1999. As a child and young man, he grew up around trains and hobos. He joined the air force in 1949 at age nineteen and eventually became a flight engineer flying in fuel tankers in the Korean War. His musical career began as "Marty Martin and The Rangers" traveling the U.S. playing various venues. After adopting the name "Boxcar Willie" and enjoying its popularity and success, he left the air force in 1976 to perform his music full time. Known for his distinctive vocal train whistle and pure country sound, Boxcar has sold over 100 million records, tapes and CD's worldwide. He appeared several times at the Wembley arena in England and made many other appearances around the world. In 1981 he was inducted as the 60th member of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. During his career he appeared on many TV shows including The Gong Show, Family Feud, Nashville Now, Hee Haw, Crook and Chase, and several others. In 1985, Boxcar and his wife Lloene moved to Branson, Missouri and purchased a theater on 76 Country Music Boulevard. In addition to the Boxcar Willie Theater, they opened a museum and two motels. Boxcar Willie was one of the first big stars to open a show in Branson, paving the way for other nationally known names that followed. He performed at his theater in Branson until his death in 1999.

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Each $ 20.00

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