Country Music Artist Boxcar Willie In Branson Missouri

Boxcar Willie: His Story - Compact Disc

Boxcar Willie: His Story - Compact Disc
Each $ 20.00   

A collection of 25 songs by Boxcar Willie. Several songs on this CD have never been released, it also includes special guests Gunter Gabriel, Willie Nelson and Roy Acuff.

1. Train Medly
2. They Call Me Boxcar Willie
3. Daddy was Railroad Man
4. I Came So Close to Calling You
5. Im Getting Out
6. Texas Land
7. Blue, Blue Days
8. Rusty Guitar Strings
9. No One Lonely
10. Fragrance of Her Perfume
11. We Made Memories
12. Wayward Wind
13. Good Hearted Woman w/ Gunter Gabriel
14. River Thru Reno
15. Saturday Night
16. Boxcar Willie & Willie Nelson - Boxcars My Home
17. Maggie
18. Long Black Limosine
19. Streamline Cannonball w/Roy Acuff
20. Danny Boy
21. Rebel Soldier
22. Lonesome Joe
23. Last Train to Heaven
24. Thank You Old Flag of Mine
25. Wabash Cannonball
Each $ 20.00

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